About Us

We salvage abandoned domain portfolio's and flip the domains at low prices. All domain listings and all domain sales are at SEDO.com. Our inventory of available domains is below. To purchase a domain, simply go to SEDO.com, search for the domain you want to own, then place your order there, it's that easy.


ChineseYuanRenminbi .org
FareEstimate .org
GiftGuides .org
headquartered .org
mataphorically .org
UnitedStatesDollar .org
WarrantyRegistrattion .org


comedies .lol
screenshot .lol




StatusUpdate .video


paparazzi .kim


educable .xyz
InternetSlang .xyz


dollarize .net
trumpxit .net
suitably .net


80cents .com
DevicePolicy .com
SmartWatchPrice .com


narcos .download


washingtondc .shop


entreprenuers .co.com

Our Team

Part of our team of domain specialists
Dudley Stevenson
Dudley Stevenson
Co-Founder, Business Development
Jordan Hunter, Co-Founder
Jordan Hunter, Co-Founder
Domain Acquisition Specialist
Jean-luc Wallah
Jean-luc Wallah
Lead Generation
Richard Shields
Richard Shields
Account Manager